Suzan is many things. She is a single mom. She is an entreprenuer and sole owner of the recently opened Poppies Day Spa. Suzan is also an incredibly talented artist, whose art is uplifting just like the artist. She is also a healer and gives wonderful manicures and pedicures, with an emphasis on healthy, strong nails, hands, and feet. Suzan's motto is "Plant a seed, and watch it grow," which she has recently done with the opening of her new Memphis day spa. . . .Poppies.
One thing is certain. Suzan is an effervescent personality, whose smile and spirit are genuine, uplifting, and contagious. She has been a participant in the salon and spa business for over 20 years, and her art adorns many fine homes in Memphis. 

"The art that I have come to create today truly flows from my heart. I have allowed myself the freedom to express myself without limitations which I hope is evident in each personal creation."

--Suzan Copeland, Artist



Welcome Shelia!  The newest member of the Poppies Team has over 25 years experience in and around the Memphis area. She has been an incredible help, inspiration, and blessing. We would like to keep her for another 25 years.